Have you ever felt like you were all alone in your pursuit to honor and bring glory to God? Have you been ridiculed by friends or outsiders stating “it don’t take all that to serve Jesus”? Or maybe that’s not your story, and you simply have just come to the point where you want God to be glorified in every single area of your life and you desire to live fully for Him with no more living in between? Well, welcome to All Things Jesus, where we believe that as a Christian,  Jesus should be at the center of everything we do!

The scripture reference for All Things Jesus, is 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” Many times people believe in God and follow certain scriptures and biblical principles for their lives but won’t really allow Jesus to be the Lord of their lives. Often times we can find ourselves only wanting to give God access to certain areas of our lives but we must come to a point where we surrender all to Him, because after all, all we have is because of Him! Hence the name All Things Jesus; this means your relationships, your career, your children, your finances, your dreams and aspirations- and whatever else, should be centered on Jesus.

All Things Jesus, is dedicated to serving others through providing practical application of scriptures, daily encouragement (social media and blog), offering community, sisterhood, and support, to navigate through life while being unapologetically Christ centered. All Things Jesus, is an organization that encourages believers to live for Christ and seek to exalt Him in every way they can. We also have a YouTube page that is used to encourage, admonish, and inspire others to follow the Word of God for their lives in practical ways. Topics such as purity in singleness, godly dating, purpose, and using God’s Word to live in peace and victory in all areas of life.


Meet the Founder

Hi everyone! Welcome to my website All Things Jesus. My journey here has been anything but easy, however I haven't lost faith in what I believe to be my purpose. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Adreeonah (Dree). I am a native of the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia and I am a single 28 year old navigating through this thing called life.

I graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pa (ungrad) and Eastern University (grad). I majored in Psychology which helped me gain a lot of knowledge and insight into human behavior and thought processes but even while pursuing my degree I knew something was missing. After graduating I had THE hardest time finding a job which led me to me seek God like never before. I began to pray and ask God for guidance and understanding and in return I would put down my will for His. After 7 months of tears, doubt, and frustration, my faith was restored and as He promised during the course of our new found relationship, blessings fell upon me. From having no job to being offered 3, I began to go on the journey I am on now. 

I am sure you are wondering how I went from being a clinician to now having a YouTube channel and blog dedicated to All things Jesus and well, it's simple, my journey has allowed me to realize my purpose of unashamedly lifting up the gospel of Christ and soaking up the Word of God with the sheer purpose of sharing it with any and everyone who will listen. I have come to a place where I literally find fulfillment in nothing else but teaching and encouraging others to be all they can be through Christ. I now live to unapologetically promote a Christian lifestyle and encourage fellow Christians in their faith. 

One of my greatest desires is to make Jesus famous and Christianity cool again. It's not a religion for 50 and up but it's for all, especially us millennials. For me, it is imperative for people to know they can be "woke" culturally and yet not be spiritually dead. I want to dress fly and know the latest trends but at the end of the day there will be no misunderstanding that I am still about my Father's business. I want to blend in so I can stand out, like you never saw me coming. I want to be able to reach the "unreachables" and to leave them with no choice but to want to know the God I serve for themselves. 

So I would be honored if you take this journey with me to discover your own purpose through Christ and how to live fully for Him!