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Stepping Out of the Boat

The series is entitled LIT ( Living in Truth). I will be highlighting single Christian men who are truly men after God's own heart. The idea came to me one day while minding my business getting ready for the day. I felt as if I heard the Lord tell me to showcase His sons. Not in those exact words but you get the gist. I have so many amazing single friends who are pretty much cynical when it comes to believing that REAL single Christian men exist. You know, the ones that actual attend church, bible study, have an active prayer life, are practicing celibacy, and truly living in Gods truth for their lives! So my task is to find these men and show they do in fact exist and that they are hope for women who are waiting on God's best.

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The Cost Of Being Hidden:When A Daughter of THE KING Can't Be Found By Her King

Prayer will literally block that man’s vision- During my time of online dating I was pursued by a quite a few men that I thought, “could this be the one?” They were college educated, handsome, had well-paying jobs, and appeared very interested in actually dating and settling down. I would talk to them through the site and then begin with the text messaging and phone calls. I even went on a few dates that went well in my opinion. So you’re probably wondering, what happened?

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