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“Spiritual Desert”: Has God Abandoned Me?

"I'm just not feeling it, I don't feel Him. I'm just going through the motions in quiet time. My mind wanders and my heart just feels empty." I remember saying these words to friends as I explained the season of spiritual drought I believed myself to be experiencing. I just couldn't "feel God" and it was becoming very discouraging. I was frustrated because just a month before quiet time was enlightening, enriching, powerful, almost supernatural and now... crickets. So what changed? That was my question to God. Oh how much I wish I didn't ask that question lol (be prepared for a real deal answer from the Lord) but I did and I believe He told me exactly what happened.

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Broken Before the King: Power of Prayer

Prayer for engaged faith: Much like the title suggests, this prayer is where I am encouraging you to pour your heart out and pray to have your faith stretched further than just believing God’s will but doing His will, whatever and wherever that may take you. Go all in! Here is a little piece of what I wrote: Lord I come before You first to give thanks. You are Lord of Lords and King of Kings. You are alpha and omega, You sit on high and You still look low. You are my provider, my protector, my strong tower, my confidant, my refuge, and my strength. Thank You for my life and Your mercies that are new every day. Thank You for Your loving-kindness towards me. Lord I pray to have engaged faith. I pray that I don’t sit around and expect for You to do things You have already given me the power to do. Help me to see where You would have me to step out on faith so that I’ll go. Lead me and I’ll follow. Lord go with me, allow me to experience Your manifest presence before me so that I know I have Your favor and approval. Lord I pray to have a faith like Abraham and go wherever You tell me to go and sacrifice whatever You tell me to sacrifice. Lord help me to have engaged faith like the woman who had no oil (2 Kings 4). Help me to get the empty jars in my life so that You can fill them by my act of faith…

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