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A Coversation with God

My child people are watching and wondering how you are making it and you have a chance to point them to Me, the point of it all. Remember that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Remember that I can restore the years that the locusts have eaten. Remember that I am a God of suddenly and I love to do the impossible in your life. Recall my history and my track record in your life and the lives of those around you. Remember that I am a just God and nothing goes unseen by me. Remember my names in times of weariness. I AM the Great I AM, meaning whatever you need me to be, I AM that. I am El Roi, the God who sees you and know you everything about you. I am Jehovah Jireh, your provider. I am Jehovah Rapha, the God who can and will heal you. I am Jehovah Raah, your shepherd who guides, protects, and watches over you. I am Jehovah Shalom, the peace that you need to make it through any and every situation. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and fix your eyes on what you do have, and that is Me.

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The Road from Discomfort to Destiny

You may be thinking that your life seems unbearable, extremely uncomfortable, and even inconvenient at times. But that is exactly what you need to catapult you into your calling. If you’d be honest, you know you would become stagnant and “okay” with living in the land of the in between (out of Egypt but not quite in the land flowing with milk and honey) if you were comfortable and cozy in your current phase of life. You know this, so you know God knows this as well.

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Waiting for Nothing!

This truth was etched in my heart as I was frustrated with my singleness and thought one day a while back, "I can't wait to have the covering of a good Godly man, one that will lead me, love me, and never leave me". God quickly checked me as He so lovingly does from time to time and called to my attention that I already have all that I desire, right now in the form of Savior. I'm covered by the blood of Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit daily, and I serve a God that has promised never to leave me nor forsake me. Now I know some people think that's super religious or extra and they love God but "need a man, you know somebody they can see and touch". I hear you sis and I too thought that way at one point in time… but God.

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