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How Long Do I Have to Wait? “An Open Letter to God”

If I can be honest God, sometimes I get angry, I get jealous, and I grow weary. I struggle with thinking “I’m doing all the right things” and I see others who are not even serving you, get what your servant has been asking you for. I know that your timing is perfect but sometimes I feel like we are on two different time zones. I know that somehow there is purpose in the pain but at times I just feel like this season is purposely painful. I know that you hear my cries and you know what’s best for me, after all you ordained my life before the foundations of the earth. But somehow I can’t shake the thought of my gauge of your love for me being contingent on the gift of marriage.

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I Promise You... You are Loved

Have you ever experienced the love of God? Like really felt His presence? When the presence of the Lord comes into the room, you undoubtedly feel it. His presence is palpable, almost too much to bare. I remember feeling His presence for the first time and I just couldn't stop crying, it was uncontrollable and I'm a g lol. But no really, my heart felt like it would just explode, I could barely breathe but in a good way. You know the way a person explains being in a love relationship and their partner "takes their breath away", yeah that's the feeling. If you've never experienced true love, get into a relationship with Jesus. Nothing else compares, and I mean NOTHING. Now I know you may be thinking I know God loves me and that is great but I can’t post of pic of me and Jesus at the movies or at a fancy restaurant on my Instagram. But my response to that is, why is posting pics a concern of yours if you are truly content in your single season?

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Waiting for Nothing!

This truth was etched in my heart as I was frustrated with my singleness and thought one day a while back, "I can't wait to have the covering of a good Godly man, one that will lead me, love me, and never leave me". God quickly checked me as He so lovingly does from time to time and called to my attention that I already have all that I desire, right now in the form of Savior. I'm covered by the blood of Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit daily, and I serve a God that has promised never to leave me nor forsake me. Now I know some people think that's super religious or extra and they love God but "need a man, you know somebody they can see and touch". I hear you sis and I too thought that way at one point in time… but God.

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